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Black History Month Vibrations with Nyasha Williams

Updated: Feb 21

Black History Month 2024 / Black History Month / Nyasha Williams / Author Nyasha Williams /

For Black History Month, I was asked by one of my publishers if I would be open to writing the introduction to a Kid Lit E-Newsletter for February 2024. The KidLit newsletter is geared toward librarians, booksellers, and teachers. Generally, these letters tell a story-behind-the-story or give a peek into the author's message or process (why they chose to write their book, what about the topic fascinates them, what message they felt moved to share).

I was asked to highlight my book, Keep Dreaming, Black Child, in the newsletter intro. I wanted to share the original unedited first draft with my community.

Open to all of you who are interested in Substack:

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