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Decolonizing Dreams: Creative Workshops Update

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Greetings Dreamers, Decolonizers, Indigenizers & Liberators,

We, the creators of Decolonizing Dreams (Creative Workshops for the BIPOC community), took some time aside at the beginning of this new calendar year (technically the last season of the year in our books) this winter to reflect on where we want Decolonizing Dreams to go. We wished to find a rhythm and a schedule that is doable for us and in alignment with how we want to hold and create space for and with you all as a community. 

We have chosen to host Decolonizing Dreams once a season from now on. So there's one upcoming now in March, then you'll have one this summer, we'll have one in the fall, and then there'll be one in the winter season, and that's a calendar year. So, spring to spring is our calendar year. This new schedule feels correct for us as we advance in terms of what we can give and all of the offerings we have going on individually and collectively in the world, working to offer Decolonizing Dreams Workshops in a sustainable and regenerative way. 

We're kicking off March with Womb Wellness. If you've been to a workshop with us before, you know this is not the first time we've done this topic. We're continuing to address it in the idea that womb wellness is, and will always be, for everyone because we're all connected in the womb, and we're all connected to creation and destruction and all that comes from the womb. Upcoming workshops are The Awakened Womb on March 3rd, then moving into Afrofuturism on June 23rd, The Food That Connects Us on September 22nd, Dystopia & Utopia on January 12th, and Uncomfortable Stories in March 2025. Those are the topics for this calendar year and what we will dive into Workshop-wise for Decolonized Dreams.

 We'd love for you to join us in these online creative workshops. 

FYI: We will not be doing critique space in these sessions anymore. So, if that is something you're looking for, reach out to Nyasha because she is holding critique spaces outside of Decolonized Dreams. If you are looking for critique groups, people to meet with regularly, bi-monthly, or monthly to connect with Nyasha, who will hold critique groups and run those annually. This year's groups have already begun. Still, every year, she'll restart afresh with new critique groups in the new calendar year and make space for people interested in stepping into those groups. So if that feels like something you want to do, follow her on social media, track her blog, and substack so you can stay in the loop of when the critique space joining time is opening, which will be more towards the end of 2024 for the following year.

Decolonized Dreams will be centered on workshopping, connecting, and bonding in community and creativity.  

To clarify what we do in Decolonizing Dreams, we've created a space for creative workshopping and community connections for BIPOCs and people of color. We are here to connect in the community as creatives. And what do we mean when we say creatives? It's really open-ended. If you are creating in any way in the world, whether you do a podcast, whether you are storytelling through social media, whether you are an author, whether you are a film writer, you are a digital media artist, you are a painter, we welcome all. In any way you are creating in the world, we welcome you to the space to be in community and dream with us, connect with us, decolonize, indigenize, moving towards liberation through creativity. We're very profoundly here for creative resistance. There's really no limitation to what can come forth, and we want to create a space and dive into explorative play as a people and embrace all that can manifest from that. 

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