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A love note for all seasons but particularly for the new year:

The first revolution is to rest. Second revolution, call upon your inspiring spirit and Ancestors. The third is to reckon with your identity and ideas. Fourth. Touch your wounds. Fifth. Roar out your pain. Cry. Laugh. Destroy your composure. Fall into a ceremony of surrender and entropy. Once you have dissolved, dissolve the order of your revolution steps. Keep stepping. Move in circles. Gather your people. Talk your stories. Create. Create. Create. Help each other let go of attachments. Hold each other up when fear comes for you. Endure many deaths. Rejoice in many births. Stay in the soil, planting. Harvest in season. Feast often. Passionately. Hold at your center, the children, the oracles, the Eternals. Hold love. 

by jaiya john

We have officially entered the seasonal new year. 

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