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Seasons of Black Tarot: Spring

If you know me, you know that January 1st is not when I ring in the new year. I celebrate the coming year at the start of Spring (just as many cultures do in accordance with the harvest and seasons until the intervention of dictator Julius Caesar - look it up for more details on how that went down).

Spring is a time for beginnings. It’s a time for revitalization when last year’s crops and flowers reemerge and animals resurface after a long period of rest. (Just as we humans naturally do too.) It is an awakening and time of sowing new seeds and planting new intentions.

To celebrate this coming Spring, my friend Nyasha James-Davis has invited me to host an event at the Boulder Museum to showcase my newly published tarot deck and use my deck to speak to the importance of Ancestral connection while ringing in the new year.

Nyasha James-Davis and I first met when I was younger through Anne Cooper (a locally-known Boulder, Colorado relator). Life happened, and we went our separate ways, but then in 2013, we were reintroduced when we both ended up in Paris at the same time. Now, life has brought us together again to host this event, and I’m incredibly grateful for her continued commitment to our friendship and active support of my work.

As I mentioned, this event will not only highlight tarot and Ancestral Connection through a sacred gathering and seasonal celebration, but it will focus on the creation of the “Black Tarot, An Ancestral Awakening Deck and Guidebook,” highlighting its female creators, me and my fantastic illustrator, Kimishka in honor of extending Women's Month.

I am thrilled to share this space and call attention to Kimishka and her work. Kimishka is a proud South African woman of South Asian descent who is passionate about celebrating cultural diversity. She has studied film, video editing, graphic design, animation, ESL, loving the arts, and creating. The ‘Black Tarot’ deck is the first piece that Kimishka and I have collaborated on, and it is not our last, with our oracle deck coming out this fall. I’m grateful to have her by my side and look forward to honoring her work at this event.

So, without further ado, please join me at the event at the Museum of Boulder two weeks from tomorrow (on April 20th) as we honor ‘Black Tarot’ and Ancestral connection!

Title of Event: Seasons of Black Tarot: Spring with Author Nyasha Williams

Date: Thursday, April 20th Time: 6-7 PM MST

Where: Museum of Boulder RSVP:

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