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Your Guide to Giving BIPOC-Created Gifts : Part II

It isn’t easy to live in systems we don’t believe in, that have and continue to cause harm to many communities worldwide. Unfortunately, and fortunately, this is the way the world works and will continue to work. Unless we start to make changes. Unless we begin to make conscious choices to act with our voice, our money, and our habits. One way I work to build the world I dream of is by how I spend the money I earn. When you vote with your dollar, you are making critical choices to support the companies that either perpetuate the tyranny and undermining of so many, or that begin to shift and change how we raise and uplift the communities and people we believe in. Our world currently revolves around money and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. It is what we wake up each day and go to work to earn. It is what we spend on just about everything we have in our homes, the food we place on our tables, and how we travel from A to B. And you can make a choice. Each and every time you go to spend your hard-earned money. Your spending habits need to reflect the world you believe in for yourself and future generations. I have curated a shopping guide that supports BIPOC businesses and individuals. We know our systems are inequitable, which is why we need to consciously and actively share the wealth.

WARDROBE: For holiday parties, fashion-conscious and fashion-forward family members and friends, and for all the brunch outings and comfy days spent inside, this curated list is the perfect place to start.

MAW SUPPLY, also known as Man and Woman, is a vintage and reclaimed apparel and accessories company founded in 2012 by husband and wife, Norman and Rachelle Clark. Specializing in sustainable day-to-day pieces, Norman and Rachelle share their love for vintage and secondhand goods that reflect simplicity, style, comfort, and individuality for the wardrobe of today.

Handmade with love, BÉYU supports conscious, sustainable fashion choices. BÉYU is designed to emphasize beauty in all things through effortless style, neutral colors, and a hint of sexy. She represents the women who are chic but conscious, understanding that fashion is about making it your own, no matter how new or old, and that it’s the meaning and person behind it that makes it stylish. They symbolize beauty as perspective, loving who you are in all forms, and most importantly, loving all this planet has to give and making the choice to give back to it.

Words that come to mind when looking at items from Generation Love include bright, radiant, and cool. Born out of a fierce desire to create that make women feel unapologetically powerful and confident in their skin. Generation Love seeks to create beautifully bold and on-trend pieces that are comfortable, and wearable yet has the ability to make us feel instantly pretty, powerful, and transformed. Inspired by French chic styling and a touch of New York edge.

B.Yellowtail will deliver sophisticated and uplifting pieces for forward-thinking, timeless style. Driven by the desire to see herself and her communities authentically and equitably represented in mainstream fashion. With community and culture at the heart of what they do, B.Yellowtail shares authentic indigenous Native American design with the world. Thoughtfully designed to amplify indigenous voices, each of their items is “indigenously designed for all …with respect, of course :)”.

Witnessing firsthand the amount of waste fashion creates, two Latina sisters set out on a mission to create modern, effortless essentials to wear on repeat. In honor of their brother Ramon, All for Ramon was born. Their brother stood for all that was right in the fashion community. He stood for social justice, was proud, strong, and bold, and put the wellness of his employees before his own to make sure they could support their families with fair wages and working conditions. The brand honors his legacy as well as ANYONE not being afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Ashya is the place to find the perfect piece to add to any accessory collection. The vision has been rooted in travel, cultural awareness, and the act of unifying style and utility. Co-founded and co-creative, directed by an American and Jamaican design duo, the brand emerged as an “ode to exploration.” Motivated by global black, brown, and indigenous communities and transient modern life, they approach to design with effortless mobility and essentialism in mind.

FROLIC + FITNESS: For those who live in places that boast incredible year-round outdoor adventure options, this list highlights apparel and products for all your adventures! Let’s start with the apparel one might wear on any given adventure. As the temperature decreases, keeping our extremities warm is highly important.

RunMitts provide convertible, thumbless mittens with inside pockets for hand warmers. The founder of RunMitts couldn’t find mittens or gloves to keep her fingers and thumbs warm while running in the cold, so she invented her own.

Pru Apparel believes that holistic wellness in the physical, mental, and spiritual forms are part of our universal makeup. Activewear for you, for me, for us through inspiring happiness, wellness, and freedom in the bodies we inhabit, for Every Body. Power+Representation+Unity, Pru Apparel holds its culture close to its heart, by remembering ancestors, whose beauty is shown in every print, intricate stitch, design, and vibrant color.

Alpine Parrot makes outdoor apparel specifically designed for women’s sizes 14-30. Started in 2019 as a response to the lack of size and ethnic diversity in outdoor apparel. They think it’s silly that people still walk out of outdoor specialty stores, unable to find anything that fits! They believe that body shape is just as important as size, so they created two unique fit styles for their tops and bottoms to ensure comfort and function when you’re on the go, and focus on the inclusion of our inherent diversity as humans who care about the planet.

BGC Marketplace was inspired by the desire to create an alternative place to shop whether you are a weekend climber, professional athlete, or completely new to outdoor recreation. Their goal is to inspire others to think about where their money goes and also feel inspired to start a business of their own. They recognize that getting outdoors and being in nature connects us to ourselves, our families, and our community. Made for the people, by the people.

Slim Pickins Outfitters is an outdoor shop located in Stephenville, TX. They are passionate about the outdoors and strive to create transformative outdoor experiences for Black youth that are unique, challenging, and memorable. Whether you’re a single guy heading out for an annual camping trip with your crew, a girl excited to get out and hike, a college student planning a road trip, or a young parent wrangling your tribe at the park, they want you to be prepared, encouraged and successful.

Alluvia designed lightweight and packable boats that transport at the size of a roll of paper towel, and weigh less than a gallon of water. When the founders realized that by 2046, people of color will make up the majority of the population in the United States and yet represent less than 15% of outdoor enthusiasts, Alluvia was born!

LITTLES: Okay, so it’s not just about the adults this holiday season. This list and the next are perfect for finding gifts for the littles in your life. Keep this one saved for their birthdays too!

Nyasha Williams’ I Affirm Me Kids Flashcards are a must for teaching children the ABCs of affirmation. Too often, we learn the power of language and love too late in our lives; set the kiddos in your life up for courage, resilience, and nurturing to embrace their authentic selves and enjoy the magic of childhood. Inspire and remind (Black) children of their inner power, strength, and worth.

Kids Coloring Co. is dedicated to producing hands-on activities that will be loved by your child and enjoyed by you. Established in 2018 by two nurse friends who were inspired by their children, they were struggling to find ways to keep their children entertained. They created their company with a commitment to promoting family time and engaging kids in a fun and interactive way.

Teni and Tayo Creations create toys, books, and more for kids with a pinch of African influence. As simple as an African proverb in a toy box, or a subscription box with lessons about Africa inside, they celebrate Africa’s diverse culture and history. Their mission is to close the representation gap in the products made for kids while creating fun and engaging products all children can enjoy after her daughters began noticing that they looked different from their friends.

Black Girl MATHgic delivers math confidence in a box, straight to your door. Their Real-World Math Experiences are perfect for the family and friends who live elsewhere; inspire math confidence by creating a safe and comfortable space and lessons/activities that genuinely apply to life. These boxes are relatable and connect to everyday lived experiences for our young girls.

Mema House inspires families around the world through simple sensory bin ideas and play tips. They are also available for hands-on party set-ups. Check out their Instagram page for inspiration, motivation, and ongoing support.

Yinibini Baby offers a huge variety of clothing and accessories for the littlest loves, newborn to four years. All clothing and accessories are made with environmentally friendly organic cotton fabrics and non-toxic inks. They also sell books, crafts, and activities, and have gifts available for mothers and fathers. Inspired by Great Aunt Jean, her colors, textures and patterns have come alive. Accessories such as bibs are handmade and screen printed by hand.

Lily Frilly will provide all the sparkly, bright accessories, stationery, bags, and backpacks you might ever need. Lily Frilly was born from her love of all things girly and frilly, with the help of her mom. Lily shares her interest in dolls, business, and learning. Don’t let her pint-size fool you! Although Lily loves to watch Saturday morning cartoons with her older brother and sister, she also loves learning about investments with her parents. This wee sparkle has also released a music single!

YOUNGER GENS: Last but not least, possibly the hardest group to purchase gifts for. We hope this list, at the very least, allows for some clarity, direction, and ideas!

WASI Clothing is a Bolivian-American Brown Latina business that cares about the people in this industry. Their mission is to represent Bolivian culture in an innovative and intentional way, creating a safe space for people of color and allies to shop, as well as sourcing sustainable options in textiles, continuing into conscious packaging, and representing Bolivian culture in a way that highlights an underrepresented community and respects the sacredness and magic of their ancestors. WASI is a Quechan word that means “Home”, and is one of the last words founder, Vanessa Acosta’s grandfather translated for her before he left this world.

Dungeon Forward creates hats and beanies for all seasons as well as collabs with unique artists. Founded to develop pieces directly inspired by and for the creative community. The namesake is one of movement and progress. We are always moving from the Dungeon Forward. From the darkness into the light. Inspirational, and poetic, change the perspective of what a crown looks like.

From the top down, Proper Gnar sells hats, hoodies, crop tops, bottoms, t-shirts and sets, art, accessories, and skateboards. Eclectic, vibrant, edgy. Disrupting the skateboarding narrative. Empowering, uplifting, and showcasing women, especially women of color, to jump on board and skate. Proper Gnar sees skateboarding as a movement, an art form, and a genuine avenue for creative expression. Proper Gnar continues to dispel myths, cover new ground and set the tone for the next generation of black women in the skateboarding arena.

Yamz Creations provide books, apparel, stickers, and more to brighten and inspire the younger generations in your life. Promoting a world of color and challenging the status quo, their workforces a new way of thinking and a shift in perspective.

Radioactiv Hair and Cosmetics add brilliance and color to your younger gens’ look. Perhaps it’ll even spark or inspire a future career path in them!

Honey Hearted creates radical and diverse pieces from her dreams, memories, and the world around her using multiple mediums. Honey Hearted was born from her love of being helpful and kind and creating a community with others. Each piece is carefully created with intention and love.

Radical Queer Witches: the very first Queer, Anti-Racist, Spiritual Card Game. This one is for adults. Created during quarantine in 2020 after being tired of throwing away the offensive cards in one of the card games they owned. The game is designed and intended for BIPOC, LGBTQI+ communities, and allies. The game includes topics of accountability, capitalism, spirituality, self-growth, queerness, and sex. It’s satiric, real, and inclusive, from a queer and anti-racist lens.

Keep your eyes peeled for list III.

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