Decolonization for the BIPOC Community

It is time to decolonize and the first system to work to realign is yourself.

Join my five-month coaching program aimed at liberating you, your mind, and your spiritual practices through creating.


YOUR Intuition

YOUR Personal Power

YOUR Ancestral Legacy

The Ancestors are living and breathing through us. 

No matter how much we have been brainwashed and had our roots pulled out from under us, it is never too late to begin reclaiming. 

Are you ready to work towards aligning with your actual magical self and the collective community?


Creative Awakening Coaching Goals

Decolonizing, Liberating & Indigenizing through Art


Build skills towards connecting and working with the Universe building a relationship with your spiritual team - Ancestors and Spirit Guides.


Decolonize, Liberate and Indigenize yourself, connecting with your roots and traditional, sustainable practices and rituals.


Relearning to slow down and build sustainability, taking time for healing and rest.


Learn to ground and protect spiritually yourself and your energy.


Nurture and enhance your intuition through creative pursuits.


Work towards discovering your soul mission, working in alignment and attunement.


Are you ready for a journey of healing, discovery, and connection?

White Supremacy, The Patriarchy, and Colonization have taken too much of us for far too long. The three are so embedded in our world and our society. Taking root within us.

Too much of our history, traditions, and culture has been whitewashed or eradicated - deemed not worthy or incorrect for not fitting the norm.

We cannot afford to live and operate blindly anymore. We deserve better. Future generations deserve better. Our Ancestors deserve better. 

It is exhausting and draining being misaligned and serving a system that wasn’t made for you and your success.

Regardless, of at times ‘well-meaning’, intention, we must be aware of and become more responsible for our impact. Start seeing your beliefs and actions as money.

What are you investing in? What world are you fighting for?

I am fighting for equity and decolonizing literature, classrooms, and food. I am working to unlearn and learn anew. Unlearning the lies, untruths, propaganda, and all of the evil Whitewashed, patriarchal histories that were force-fed to us from a young age. Unlearning all the stereotypes and falsehoods around Africa and BIPOCs original spiritual practices. Unlearning is a lifelong practice. It has to become a conscious practice of dissembling the fabricated falsehoods that for all our lives have been paraded as the whole truth and nothing but.

Normal and doing the same old thing, has and continues to be toxic for us.


What's Included?

How do we move towards decolonizing, liberating and indigenizing you, your mind and your spiritual practices?


1 Community Cohort Call

Per Week

These calls are with your cohort of no more than 8 to 10 individuals. They will last typically around 90 minutes and are where we do deep-dive on that week's weekly focus.


1 Personal Call with Nyasha

Per Week

This is your time to connect with Nyasha and talk through your decolonization journey.


The Workbook

Digital or Hardcopy

This will be your baby throughout the program. We will use it during Community Cohort Calls and you will use it to complete activities assigned each week.

Month-To-Month with Creative Awakening

Coaching Framework inspired by on “Processes of Decolonization” by Poka Laenui

Month 1

Rediscovery & Recovery

Foundational Stage

Build skills towards connecting and working with the Universe building a relationship with your spiritual team -Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Month 2


Healing Stage

Relearning to slow down and build sustainability, taking time for healing and rest.

Month 3


Imagining a new social order (full panorama of possibilities are expressed through debate, consultation, and building dreams)

Discovering or Rediscovering one’s Soul Mission

Work towards discovering your soul mission, working in alignment and attunement.

Month 4


Following clear Divine direction - You will be able to commit to change for our society in a way that calls to their being.

Month 5


Work towards actively living out your Soul Mission

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 7.33.27 PM.png

I am Nyasha. I’m a Black, American, married, able-bodied-passing,  neurotypical, cisgender woman. I currently live on the stolen land of the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes, which is now known as Broomfield, Colorado.

I am heeding the Divine call of my Ancestors to help individuals and communities reclaim their power and freedom through creating.

My whole life my interests have pulled me and called me in a plethora of directions, spaces and countries. I have come to realize their purpose all align in this work, aiding in decolonization and working towards Liberation.


Interested In:

Decolonizing and Liberating Yourself

Breaking & Ending Generational Curses

Connecting with Your Ancestors & Spiritual Guides

Removing Blockages & Negativity Preventing You From Living Out Your Soul Mission


Who is a good fit for Creative Awakening Coaching Program?

You're a good fit for Creative Awakening if…

You identify with a race other than Caucasian (White).

You have a strong desire for a shift in reality.

You hear the calling for a United Community.

You believing and knowing ALL is SACRED & CONNECTED.

You are an intense dreamer, creative and visionary, and want to make the world a better place.

You realize you are the creator of your life and plan to take more responsibility for your decisions and actions.

You are ready to align with your Higher Self.



Why an application?

The goal is to ensure we are a good match before either of us takes the deeper level of investment. I aim to be respectful of both of our time, money, and energy.

What does the coaching program include?

Each week you will have an individual call with me, a group call with the whole cohort, and weekly creative activities to help you on your decolonization journey.

What is the time commitment and investment? 

Decolonizing you, your mind, and your spiritual practices, takes dedication and work. The coaching program is a five-month-long program for a reason. It is going to take practice and effort to begin reversing years of harmful colonization, internalized capitalism, and patriarchy ideology.