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Keep Dreaming,
Black Child

An inspirational picture book for BIPOC children about the power of big dreams—for their future selves, their communities, and the larger world.

Nyasha Williams Author Keep Dreaming, Black Child

Keep Dreaming, Black Child

Publisher: Running Press Kids (Hachette)

Age: 4-8


ISBN: 978-0762482818

Story Overview

Nyasha Williams’s latest picture book is a moving and powerful invitation to BIPOC children to fully explore their dreams for the future. Dreams provide purpose and meaning—they are ideas born of love. They take time to sprout and can sometimes be clouded by the doubts of others, BUT with patience and discipline, we can rely on our visions for a better world by following our dreams.


Interspersed with explanations of what dreams are and why they are important, are affirmations that offer precise ideas for ways our dreams can effect change. Encouraging readers to reach for the stars and embrace others for what they are or wish to be, Keep Dreaming, Black Child reminds children of the power of hope.

Meet The Creative Team

Nyasha Williams Author

Nyasha Williams


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Sawyer Cloud Illustrator Keep Dreaming, Black Child

Sawyer Cloud


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Keep Dreaming,
Black Child


This would be a great gift for graduation or starting a new job. The message (follow your dreams; dreams can effect change) is inspiring and the illustrations are beautiful.


Stirring words and images for budding activists and leaders.


Keep Dreaming,
Black Child


Keep Dreaming,

Black Child

Kirkus Reviews


Keep Dreaming,

Black Child

The Children’s Book Review

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