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Writing to Change the Narrative was founded by Nyasha Williams, a passionate social justice griot. Nyasha aims to use words and stories to indigenize and liberate through literature, minds, and spiritual practices.

Nyasha firmly believes that stories live within each of us, and that it is our mission to use stories to spread understanding, healing, and empowerment. Through her work, Nyasha encourages us to uncover and share our stories, so that we can all learn, grow, and create meaningful change.

Nyasha's writing is rooted in her understanding of the powerful potential of stories to create transformation and reveal truths that have been hidden for too long. She strives to use her words to ignite new conversations, inspire action, and ultimately, help create a more equitable and just world.

Writing to Change the Narrative is Nyasha's way of bringing her passion for storytelling to life and helping us all to write our own stories. With her help, we can all find our voices and use them to write new narratives.

Nyasha is a Black, American, bisexual, married, ablebodied-passing, neurotypical, cisgender woman. I currently live on the stolen land of the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes in Colorado. She grew up living intermittently between the United States and South Africa. Following the north wind, her passions have landed her experience as a qualified chef, elementary school educator and presently as an author and Ancestral medicine healer. She currently works full-time as a creative- writing, leading creative workshops and events, writing critique groups, and as the founder of her publishing company, Fire + Honey Press.

With eight children's books released and three forthcoming titles, Nyasha's impact on literature is profound. Her tarot and oracle deck, Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening and Elemental Alchemist, are testaments to her transformative artistry. Based in Colorado, Nyasha invites collaborators to join her in creating a more inclusive society.  With a deep-rooted passion for writing and a commitment to sharing her process with community, Nyasha is on a mission to usher in an era of unapologetic, diverse works of art, media, and literature.

Her agents are Barbara Stewart & Lary Rosenblatt at 22MediaWorks.

Press & Podcast Features with Nyasha Williams

Nyasha is excited to announce the publication of TWO picture books in 2024

Saturday Magic

A Hoodoo Story

Saturday Magic Nyasha Williams Author

An ode to the family, friendship, and the beautiful tradition of Hoodoo practice, this book celebrates the magic and symbolism to be found in every day, written by bestselling author Nyasha Williams. Dayo practices Hoodoo with her family. One Saturday, she wakes from an interesting dream about a yellow bird. What could it mean? She knows that it’s up to her to figure it out. Over the course of the day, as Dayo and her family move through their daily rituals (mantras and affirmations included), the message sent from her Ancestors through her dream reveals itself. This celebration of spirituality (and heritage) highlights the rich history of Hoodoo and the beauty we can find in everyday magic.

Where Is Koketso?

A Search, Seek & Find

Where is Koketso? Seek and Find Book by Nyasha Williams

From author Nyasha Williams and illustrator Anna Abl comes Where Is Koketso?: A Search, Seek & Find, a beautifully illustrated seek-and-find activity book that reminds readers of all ages that the best part of getting lost is being found again. A one-of-a-kind example of representation and expression of wonder, readers search for Koketso all over the world. Traveling with her from airports to train stations, from the local farmer’s market all the way to outer space, from deep inside an enchanting forest and out to the sun-lit sandy coast.

Check out what Nyasha is working on currently

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