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Ally Baby Can:
Be Feminist

Ally Baby Can books introduce allyship to tiny change-makers! Perfect for shared reading with an adult.

Ally Baby Can Be Feminist Nyasha Williams

Ally Baby Can: Be Feminist

Publisher: HarperCollins

Age: 4-8


ISBN: 978-0063214545

Story Overview

Ally Baby Can: Be Feminist models how young kids can stand up for women and nonbinary people in the fight against sexism and gender inequality.

Extensive back matter includes important guidelines for allyship, a kid-friendly reading list, and other helpful resources for baby and you.

It is never too early to learn about ways to change our world.

Meet The Creative Team

Nyasha Williams Author

Nyasha Williams


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Ally Baby Can Be Feminist Jade Orlando Illustrator

Jade Orlando


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Ally Baby Can:
Be Feminist


I use this book with my students all the time to talk about inclusion and allyship. Feminism is covered, but the book also touches on all sorts of acceptance. Beautiful illustrations. I have Ally Baby is an Antiracist, too, and I can't recommend these books more.


This beautifully illustrated book is a different, enjoyable experience for kids (and adults) of all ages! Younger children will love the brightly colored, inclusive pictures and rhyming language while older kids will enjoy learning new terms and how to use them to empower and support others. In the appendix, Ms. Williams has included a helpful glossary called “Ally Baby’s FirstWords,” as well as a great reading list for parents wanting to find more books that uplift women and girls. Following the story, there is a reminder of the specific steps Ally Baby took to support gender equality like asking for a hug and waiting on consent to give it; played with toys Ally Baby liked, regardless of the type; and supporting girls for expressing true


My five year old great niece uses a walker and it’s important for her to see kids like her in books. And this book has that! This is a great book for all children. I highly recommend this book.

Ally Baby Can: Be Feminist


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