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I am Somebody

An empowering picture book about the importance of stepping up (and speaking up) to address injustice and effect change within our daily lives, from the author of I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids.

Nyasha Williams Author I am Somebody

I am Somebody

Publisher: Running Press Kids (Hachette)

Age: 5-9


ISBN: 978-0762480517

Story Overview

I am Somebody takes the reader on a journey over the course of a day, as our main character notices various forms of neglect and injustice—from trash on the sidewalk and students butting in line waiting for the bus, to not sharing on the playground and bullying about food. In each instance, the young child remarks that SOMEBODY should do something to remedy the situation(s) until, eventually, they realize that they are the person that can effect change.


This powerful story reminds us that every living thing is unique and should be treated with kindness and respect and that we are ALL “somebody.”

Meet The Creative Team

Nyasha Williams Author I am Somebody

Nyasha Williams


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Ashley Evans Illustrator I am Somebody

Ashley Evans


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I am Somebody


Excellent, excellent, excellent book!

The art is beautiful and diverse and the message is so very important. My favorite page says this: You are learning an important lesson and a hard truth. There are messes and injustices everywhere. Some we create, and some are made by others. But the true injustice to us and the world is to decide to do nothing at all. We must remember that our actions matter. We are all Somebody who can create change.

That is the very essence of this book, in which the main character goes through their day witnessing all the messes and injustices on the way to, at, and from school. They realize that *they* are the Somebody who can do something about it and then find out not just how easy it can be but how powerful of a chain reaction it is. They propel others into motion to be Somebodies themselves, all with the goal of creating a better place to be in for "future Somebodies".

This is a wonderful book to share with children to introduce them to how easy it can be to do right by each other.


Empowerment to children to be the change they wish to see in the world.


This is a children's book narrated by a school aged girl who points out things throughout her day that she sees as unfair, wrong, or unkind. After sharing her discoveries with her parents at dinner one evening, they point out to her how the world is full of injustice created by people. However, they encourage her to take these experiences and learn from it, learn to be the change to make things better. So, after this revelation, she lives her day a bit differently by being the difference in a positive way. It's a very positive book for children, and it's full of diverse characters as well.


I am Somebody


I am Somebody

Kirkus Reviews


I am Somebody

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I am Somebody

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