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A digital publishing honeycomb creating toward collective liberation.

Ignite Community. Collaborative Building. Sweet Liberation.

Fire + Honey Press is a digital publishing company and creative studio that fosters community collaboration by publishing digital narratives in written, audio, and visual formats. The mission of Fire + Honey Press is to provide a platform for individuals to share their unique stories and voices, challenging existing genres and systems to create greater belonging and liberation for all. The company aims to create a brave and inclusive space for co-collaborators to share good medicine through all aspects of its platform.


My motivation behind starting Fire + Honey Press comes from a deep desire to disrupt the traditional publishing industry and address its systemic flaws. Many publishing companies prioritize profit over the quality and diversity of content, leading to the rejection or alteration of brilliant creations. Moreover, there is a lack of representation and opportunity for BIPOC authors and stories in traditional publishing. I want to change that by creating my own publishing company, where authentic and diverse narratives can thrive, free from the constraints of profit-driven decision-making.

Fire + Honey Press is rooted in my passion for environmental activism and commitment to producing literature and media aligned with my values. I noticed that most publishing routes do not prioritize environmentally sustainable practices, and I wanted to build a creative space that supports my ideals and allows me to actively produce literature in line with my belief of voting with one's dollar. The inspiration to build a community that other spaces may not welcome or support, along with the desire to challenge and disrupt the creative industry, led me to establish Fire + Honey Press.

Why Honey and Fire? 

Honey is a symbol of abundance, abundance created in community. The systems of capitalism, white supremacy, the patriarchy and colonization rely on everyday individuals believing there is not enough to go around and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Honey has been used as a healing elixir since the beginning of time used to heal wounds. Honey sits as a reminder that there is enough for everyone. It is reassuring hope, wisdom and harmony, in the healing of our world and building towards collective liberation. 


Fire comes from the spiritual use of adding spice or heat to a working. The ‘heat’ in Fire + Honey Press carries the intention of our titles increasing the spiritual energy circulation from our community to yours. We intend to clear blockages and shift harmful and stagnant energy, breaking global generational curses and barriers. It carries protection and alchemist transformation towards our goal of communities, Mother Earth and the cosmos.

The Dream Colony

Seeking those who hope, dream, and work towards better systems. Seeking those who are ready for new narratives. Seeking those who hear the call to help and support in building new tables.

Fire + Honey Press A digital publishing company by Author Nyasha Williams
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