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Black Tarot

An Ancestral Awakening Deck and Guidebook

Nyasha Williams Author Black Tarot

Black Tarot

Publisher: RP Studio (Hachette)

ISBN: 978-0762479696

ISBN: 978-0762479702

Nyasha Williams Author Black Tarot

Deck Overview

Author Nyasha Williams, fresh from an outstanding Kirkus review of her new picture book I AFFIRM ME The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids, has created a unique Tarot deck brimming with dazzling artistic representation. Tarot reading with worldwide roots is a centuries-old practice. It has experienced a bonanza thanks to Instagram, Zoom, and modern-realized decks appealing to a whole new multitude of users. Nyasha Williams brings her unique-to-the-market perspective to an audience hungry for her voice.


Nyasha tells the story here:

My spirituality developed and evolved through unlearning and learning, working to decolonize my mind and my spirituality. I have been learning to embrace traditional spiritual practices that were taken, banished, and replaced from BIPOC communities, tribes, and groups. Many of our long-established spiritual practices have been demonized. We have major work to do as a world to untrain ourselves-our minds, actions, and habits from the lies and propaganda we have been generationally fed by those who currently hold the power at the top. When I started with Tarot, I believed my answers came from my subconscious or my shadow self. Now that I have connected and aligned with my Ancestors and Spirit Guides, I know any reading I do, be it for myself or others is a message, guidance, and wisdom directly from them. One’s Ancestors and Spirit Guides are always ready and willing to guide, lead, and protect. You only have to ask. 

Journal Overview

Let this guided journal, a stunning companion to Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening Deck and Guidebook, help you connect with the divine.

Dive into this beautifully designed journal, filled with prompts, questions, tarot advice, plenty of writing space, and more to help you record and reflect on your tarot journey. This journal is a companion to Black Tarot, a tarot deck and guidebook that draws influence from the moon and the water and features exclusively Black figures. Customize your journal and chart your own tarot journey with the four enclosed sticker sheets.

  • SPECIFICATIONS: 6 inch by 8-inch, 176-page flexibind journal

  • DELUXE PACKAGING: This guided journal is full-color inside and out, with beautiful illustrations

  • STICKER SHEETS INCLUDED: Includes 4 sheets of full-color stickers 

  • PAIRS WITH TAROT DECK: This guided journal is a companion guide to Nyasha Williams's Black Tarot

Meet The Creative Team

Nyasha Williams Author Black Tarot

Nyasha Williams


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Black Tarot Kimishka Naidoo Illustrator Nyasha Williams

Kimishka Naidoo


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Black Tarot


I was lucky enough to stumble into a bookstore and grab this deck the week it came out. When I saw it on the bookshelf I knew right away this deck needed to be in my collection. The moment it picked up the box and saw the description of the deck, I felt inner joy and joy from my ancestors. This deck has brought me closer to my ancestors, higher self, and community. As a spiritualist and reader, this is my go to deck, when I am ready to hear the truth and receive a powerful message.

I am obsessed with the illustrations, imagery, prints, and colors used in the deck. From the print on the back of the cards to the contemporary Black essences of the characters in the cards. The way the author interpreted the RWS deck took my breath away and blew my mind. It is clear that there was so much intention, respect, and honor put into this deck and each card.

Can we talk about the guidebook? The guidebook alone is worth the price of the deck. I love love love the way the creator told the story of each card in the deck. The major arcana included journaling questions, related flower, element, chakra, yin vs yang meanings, ways to align and my favorite an affirmation. I have never seen this done before and I am so appreciative of the thoughtfulness as it help me embody the essence of that card. The minor arcana

I can’t say enough good things about this deck. Many of the readings I have done with this deck has provided me with the most profound impactful messages I needed to hear. My ancestors, guides, higher self, and I thank you and your team for creating such a powerful much needed deck. A deck that represents the essence of our Blackness in such a beautiful light. I look forward to grabbing the accompanying Oracle deck when it comes out.


This is the first time I ever felt compelled to leave a review, and I absolutely must say a review is necessary! First, the book and the box are just so pretty. I got an instant sense of serenity unboxing the book & deck from its’ encasing (which is in the first pic). Secondly, I would like to say amazing job to both the author & illustrator! Ashé! Not only is this mini directory by Nyasha to tarot short & sweet, it is actually highly informative and great for a first timer like myself! So I’m beyond grateful for the masterminds behind this & I can’t wait to start my tarot journey with this gorgeous deck. I honestly haven’t opened the tarot from it’s plastic wrapping, because I cleansed with some sage & wanted to protect them but I can already tell they are just as beautiful too. I’m so excited to use these, can’t you tell haha! Most definitely purchase if you are considering take that leap of faith.


I was first drawn to this deck because I've been an activist for over twenty years, and I rarely see Tarot decks that incorporate contemporary social movements. For me, it's a dream come true to have a deck that's infused with justice as a spiritual value. There are visual reminders of Black Lives Matter moments and environmental justice practices in several cards, and I love these reminders, not only that environmental justice is racial justice, but that the justice we are working on practicing is also intergenerational and spiritual.

The warmth of community care among many different ages and genders contrasts with the more typical nuclear family values that we see in most Tarot decks, which is something I really appreciated as a queer person. While I wouldn't call this deck explicitly queer, there is enough gender ambiguity in the figures along with the overall sense of community care across the cards that I found it to be very queer-friendly in spite of a few specific cards that at first read as more heteronormative to me (as a white queer person).

Beauty, joy, grace, and fluidity are also omnipresent in this deck through dance, which I found very striking, and which reminded me that movement work is not scarcity-based but is also abundance, pleasure, and art in motion.

I would recommend this deck to readers at any level; the guidebook is wonderfully beginner-friendly and the imagery is simple and clear, while there is still plenty of nuance to be read in the symbols and gestures of the figures on the cards for someone who has more experience.


Black Tarot

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Black Tarot

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Black Tarot

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Black Tarot

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