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Where is Koketso?

A Search, Seek & Find

Do you know Where is Koketso? Explore multiple locations searching for her and other hidden items in this BIPOC-centered seek and find book from creator and activist Nyasha Williams.

Nyasha Williams Author Where is Koketso?

Where is Koketso?

Publisher: Andrews McMeel

Age: 6-9


ISBN: 978-1524889791

Story Overview

From author Nyasha Williams and illustrator Anna Abl comes Where Is Koketso?: A Search, Seek & Find, a beautifully illustrated seek-and-find activity book that reminds readers of all ages that the best part of getting lost is being found again. A one-of-a-kind example of representation and expression of wonder, readers search for Koketso all over the world. Traveling with her from airports to train stations, from the local farmer’s market all the way to outer space, from deep inside an enchanting forest and out to the sun-lit sandy coast.

Where Is Koketso? A Search, Seek & Find is perfect for anyone looking for the youthful and imaginative excitement of seeing the world without ever leaving your cozy couch. So, cuddle up and see where Koketso is off to today!

Meet The Creative Team

Nyasha Williams Author

Nyasha Williams


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Where is Koketso? Illustrator

Anna Abl


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Where is Koketso?

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Where is Koketso?

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Where is Koketso?

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