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Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist

Ally Baby Can books introduce allyship to tiny change-makers! Perfect for shared reading with an adult.

Nyasha Williams Author Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist

Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist

Publisher: HarperCollins

Age: 4-8


ISBN: 978-0063214538

Story Overview

Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist models how young kids can stand up for members of the BIPOC community in the fight against systemic racism.


Extensive back matter includes important guidelines for allyship, a kid-friendly reading list, and other helpful resources for baby and you. It is never too early to learn about ways to change our world.

Meet The Creative Team

Nyasha Williams Author

Nyasha Williams


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Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist Jade Orlando Illustrator

Jade Orlando


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Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist


Besides being beautifully and inclusively illustrated, this book is the perfect primer for all ages, helping to understand what it means to be an antiracist and demonstrating actions that reflect allyship. This book is not for babies, although I'm sure they would love the art, but rather shows babies playing out roles in doing the work of allyship. The balance of bullet point facts, charming illustrations, and easy-to-understand text make this a must-have for every personal child's library.

Ally Baby Can: Be Antiracist


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