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to the Water

Aquatic Sound Baths

Come unwind and open yourself to Ancestral connection and healing in the water.


Join Nyasha Williams in a pool to enjoy an aquatic sound massage in a return to your first elemental home.

Note: This is an in-person experience.

“We have five different elements: earth, water, mineral, fire and nature. The element earth is responsible for our groundedness, our sense of identity, and our ability to nurture and to support one another. Water is peace, focus, wisdom and reconciliation. Mineral helps us to remember our purpose and gives us the means to communicate and to make sense out of what others are saying. Fire is about dreaming, keeping our connection to the self and ancestors and keeping our visions alive. Nature helps us to be our true self, to go through major changes and life-threatening situations. It brings magic and laughter.”

Sobonfu Some

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