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Once Upon a Kwanzaa - Rough Character Sketches

Illustrator Extraordinaire, Sawyer Cloud, just sent the rough character sketches for ONCE UPON A KWANZAA as paid supporters of my work as a creative, you get to experience the first look at a few.

I have celebrated Kwanzaa as an adult with my husband for three years. Christmas felt less aligned, and Kwanzaa felt structured in a less commercialized way with principles for the upliftment of our community and world.

I contacted my good friend and co-conspirator about writing a Kwanzaa book for families and littles together because most children’s books on the holiday were written in the early 90s or before. We knew it was time for a revamp.

Enter Once Upon a Kwanzaa. It was picked up by Running Press Kids (Hatchette) and will be released in late 2025.

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