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Nyasha Williams – Author, Activist, and Former Kindergarten Teacher

Author, activist and former kindergarten teacher, Nyasha Williams – who was adopted into a trans-racial family – grew up in South Africa and the U.S. A former kindergarten teacher and author, her picture book, “I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids” was inspired by the words Nyasha and her students recited at the beginning of every day: “I am confident and capable. I learn at my own pace. I am loved, and I believe in me. I believe in us.” Nyasha is pursuing social justice, decolonizing work and creating for her community full-time. You won’t want to miss this fascinating conversation.

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Kirkus Reviews

Determined, joyous, and necessary.

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Episode 5

Tips for Getting Organized & A Teacher Author Interview You Don’t Want To Miss!

Today we’re helping you get, AND STAY, organized and we’re interviewing a kindergarten teacher who just published a book that you are going to love!

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PageTurners: Children's Books Guaranteed to Make Everyone Smile

Children’s books have moved from being about bunnies and flowers (though I dig those) to tackling hard-hitting topics such as race, gentrification and gender. Giving children the opportunity to learn and make their own decisions about those hard-hitting topics through books and reading is powerful...especially during Black History Month.

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Children's Book Review: I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids

An uplifting homage to Black potential, resilience, and achievement.
—Publishers Weekly